Harold Lloyd Presentations - Am I The Leader I need to Be?

Am I The Leader I Need To Be?

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to be an effective leader? This program identifies the 11 qualities all genuine leaders seem to possess. During this session we will measure your propensity to lead and give you a push in the right direction to improving your leadership quotient. So, whether you’re leading you’re a business, your church group, little league team, or the people in the parts department at your plant, this session is ideal for anyone who has the need and desire to lead others.

Length: 60 minutes – 3 hours

  • Am I The Leader I Need To Be?
  • Are You a Genuine Leader or a Pretender?
  • Are you decisive or a procrastinator?
  • Are you a positive influence with a ubiquitous physical presence, or are you a stealth bomber, seen only when some negative feedback needs to be dumped?
  • Are you excited to develop your associates or are you threatened by their personal growth?
  • In short, are you a Genuine Leader or only a Pretender?

Am I The Leader I Need To Be? will help you find the Genuine Leader within you. Through discussion, examples, illustrations, exhortations, and exercises,this book will help improve your Leadership Quotient (LQ), a measurement crucial to your success. The companion DVD presents Harold Lloyd live at his seminar, “Am I the Leader I Need to Be?”. Harold’s knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm shine through when you watch him at work with a live audience. The book and DVD are for everyone in the organization who manages people, not just the CEO. They will put everybody in your organization on the path to genuine leadership.


  • Length: 192 pages
  • Price: $19.95 plus shipping


  • Price: $19.95 plus shipping