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For over 25 years, Harold Lloyd has been providing educational seminars that make better teams, better leaders and better people. Through his rich selection of presentations, Harold is able to provide a tailored presentation that will change attitudes. We invite you to search through some of the presentation topics that Harold has developed and contact us when you are ready to make a difference in your organization.

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Jacob Tiernan

I just wanted to take a quick second, (after my 20 minute disappearing act) to send a note thanking you again for allowing me the privilege of learning from you first hand. As I said on the last day, I have been to other leadership seminars and conferences, as well as have read my fair share of books on management and leadership and no book was more instrumental in solidifying my career change as your, Am I The Leader I Need To Be?. It was a true honor to have been able to hear your teachings and I look forward to being able to learn more and implement your lessons in my daily life. Your words do make a difference sir and I for one appreciate your passion. Thanks again!

Jacob Tiernan Store Manager, Hometown Foods