Harold Lloyd provides an array of services customized specifically for your business needs. Here’s what he can do for you:


Harold Lloyd provides consulting services to business that need a professional second opinion from time-to-time, without adding a permanent layer of management overhead to their organizational structure.

Harold’s approach involves a team effort. By utilizing management’s input, customer focus group session and employee meetings, we are able to isolate and deal with the problem rather than wasting time and money dealing with the symptoms of the problems.

Strategic Planning “Get-A-Way”

The ultimate objective of Harold Lloyd Presents’ Strategic Planning “Get-A-Way” is to develop a unified focus within the organization.

Management and key assocates create or edit an inspirational Mission Statement. Then, as a group, they choose the five Strategic Points of Difference for the company. These Points of Difference will be rolled out to every member of the organization int he weeks and months that follow.

One of the byproducts of the two day “Get-A-Way’ is the establishment of strategic committes – one for each of the five Strategic Points of Difference. These committes meeting monthly to continue to develop the programs that will bring the five Strategic Points of Difference to life at store level. They will also establish benchmarks and measurements mechanisms to monitor progress.

The Arrow Program

Each year there are eight or so non-holiday weeks in my year which are not booked. I have created a program called ARROW that takes these unclaimed weeks and converts them into productive events for retailers who want/need a week-long business review and re-evaluation. These weeks are sold with short notice but at a fraction of my standard fee and payments can spread out over several months (if necessary) to help the budget-challenged when they need it most.

The Undercover Shopper

Panel & Focus Group Discussion Leader

Harold can organize and facilitate a dynamic panel discussion session. He has the expertise to draw everyone into a stimulating information exchange.

Harold is an experienced focus group interviewer. He can help you organize your next focus group, craft insightful questions, and identify the real issues your company needs to address.