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Harold’s approach involves a team effort. By utilizing management’s input, customer focus group sessions and employee meetings, we are able to gather and analyze real information and deal with the problem and implement practical solutions. Harold provides consulting services to businesses that need a professional second objected opinion from time-to-time.

In today’s business environment, people can make the difference. It’s critical that products, services and employee performance directly support customer expectations. If this is not happening, it’s imperative to identify the issues and resolve them quickly (see side bar). 

Harold Mentoring and Consulting

Strategic Planning Get-A-Way

The ultimate objective of Harold Lloyd Presents’ Strategic Planning “Get-A-Way” is to develop a unified focus within the organization.

Management and key assocates create (or edit) an inspirational Mission Statement. Then, as a group, they identify their Strategic Points of Difference. These Points of Difference are fully defined and explained every member of the organization in the weeks and months that follow.

One of the by-products of the two day “Get-A-Way’ is the establishment of strategic committes – one for each Strategic Points of Difference. These committes meet monthly to continue to develop the programs that will bring the Strategic Points of Difference to life at store level. They will also establish benchmarks and measurements mechanisms to monitor progress.

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The A.R.R.O.W. Program

ARROW is an acronym for A Review and Re-evaluation of Operations Week. HLp’s A.R.R.O.W. Program is a week-long commitment to ‘dig in’ and determine where the opportunities to improve operations and profitability are located. Better known for his seminars and presentations, Harold enjoys this program because of the amount of time it allows for him to find the ‘ticks’ that are causing the ‘itch’.

Arriving early Monday and departing late Friday allows for ample time to analyze the company’s Mission Statement and Strategic Plan, to do on-site, store evaluations, to assess Department Manager meetings and to coach managers on how to do performance reviews correctly.

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The Undercover Shopper

Undercover (or Mystery) Shoppers are a typically used by management to evaluate what really happens at store level especially at night and on the weekends. What if you used Harold Lloyd to be your Undercover Shopper?

HLp’s Undercover Shopper Program is a week-long initiative to study (in disguise) what is truly happening at store-level, all days and at all hours. The competition’s level of customer relations is also assessed during the data collection phase. The final two days involve the implementation of a plan to greatly improve customer relations.

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Panel & Focus Group Discussion Leader

Harold can organize and facilitate a dynamic panel discussion session. He is an experienced focus group interviewer. He has the expertise to draw everyone into a stimulating information exchange.

He can help you organize your next focus group, craft insightful questions, identify the real issues your company needs to address, and help you lead your discussion “Now What” to identify measurable solutions and implement them.

Harvard Business Review - Mentoring Talent

“Am I continuing to learn and grow?” is a question that resonates with employees of all ages. The way your organization helps them answer that question may be your competitive advantage in attracting, developing, and keeping tomorrow’s talent.

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The Power of Many

Asked about the attributes that they think are most important to a high-performance team, respondents point to clear achievable goals as the number one factor.

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Building a Problem Solving Solution

When a company engages its people in problem solving as part of their daily work, they feel more motivated, they do their jobs better, the organization’s performance improves, and a virtuous cycle starts to turn.

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