HLp’s Share Groups

Share GroupsAt times, all people, even the smartest people, need input from others. Harold has found a way to help middle and top management & supervisors do this on a regular basis, through his dynamic HLp Share Groups that bring together non-competing executives from around North America. The members create friendships, synergies, and fluid communication from each session, which in turn help each member organization improve its operations and profitability.

Participants in the all HLp Share Groups are dedicated to the concept of honest and generous sharing of best practices. As Harold says, “No ONE is smarter than ALL of us.” HLp Share Group members make a commitment to attend the meetings, participate enthusiastically, maintain mutual respect and deal openly and honestly with each other. Each group is goal-driven and profit motivated.

HLp’s Eight Share Groups:

  1. Store Operations – The G.O. Group

  2. Merchandising and Marketing – The M4 Group

  3. Loss Prevention – The FD/BD Group (Front Door/Back Door) Asset Protection Group

  4. Human Resources – The SHRE Group (Supermarket Human Resources Executive)

  5. Deli/Bake, Give ‘N Take Share Group (Deli, Bakery, Food Service Supervisors)

  6. The BANTAM Group – An association of small but feisty retailers with less than five stores.

  7. Professional Store Manager Leadership Forum

  8. Professional Deli, Bakery Manager Leadership Forum

Each group is limited to 35 members, recruited from the best companies in North America. Each HLp Share Group meets at least annually with Harold as the group facilitator. Each session has an original agenda, new stores to visit and homework assignments.

If you are interested in joining any of HLp’s Share Groups, contact Harold at 757-572-7276 (cell) or email harold@hlloydpresents.com

Sharegroup GO Group

The G.O. Group*

(Great Operations) Formed in 2005

G.O. Group members meet to share store operations best practices on topics that include: operational efficiencies, payroll, maintenance, employee development, and cost control.

Who? 35 V.P.s and Directors of Supermarket Operations

When? Every 8 months

Next Meeting: September 25 and 26, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

Sharegroup M$ Group

The M4 Group*

Marketing and Merchandising Makes Money

This group focuses its attention on in-store merchandising, outstanding store promotions and external marketing initiatives including social media tactics.

Who? 35 V.P.s and Directors of Marketing/Merchandising

When? Every 9 months

Next Meeting: January 15 and 15, 2020 in Miami, FL

FDBD 35 V.P.s and Directors of Loss Prevention

The FD/BD Group

Front Door/Back Door Asset Protection Share Group – Formed in 2010

Preventing shoplifting is only a one of a dozen topics that typically fill our two-day agenda. These professionals tackle an array of issues that all relate to protecting a company’s assets.

Who? 35 V.P.s and Directors of Loss Prevention (Two members per company are invited)

When? Annually

Next Meeting: August 21 and 22, 2019 in Charleston, SC

Sharegroup S.H.R.E. 35 V.P.s and Directors of Human Resources

The S.H.R.E. Group

Supermarket Human Resource Executives- Formed in 2011

The SHRE Group’s mission is to create a more positive store culture where employees enjoy coming to work as much as they do leaving work. Recruitment and retention best practices make up about 99.5% of our agenda.

Who? 35 V.P.s and Directors of Human Resources (Two members per company are invited)

When? Annually

Next Meeting: October 16 and 17, 2019 in Charleston, SC

Sharegroup Deli/Bake Give and Take

The Deli/Bake Give and Take

Share Group* – Formed in 2012

This group addresses merchandising ideas, cost control solutions, employee development, and deli/bakery/food service department best practices. Sharing solutions to common problems as well as new, exciting marketing/merchandising ideas is what they do best.

Who? 30 V.P.s and Directors of Bakery/Deli/Food Service (Two members per company are invited)

When? Annually

Next Meeting: April 24 and 25, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Bantam Group

Bantam Group

Formed in 2014

While the independent operator may be doomed, the interdependent operator can be very successful. Peer support can be a great, strategic asset. BANTAM members are owner/operators of less than five stores. They care passionately about their business and about helping their fellow members. All aspects of owning a supermarket are addressed together every ten months.

Who? Owners of supermarket companies with fewer then 5 stores.

When? Every 10 months

Next Meeting: November 6 and 7, 2019 in Vancouver, BC



Professional Deli/Bakery Managers Leadership Forum

There are scant few events for our department managers to interact professionally with industry peers. This Forum does just that. The D/BPDMLF is an opportunity for deli/bakery/food service department managers to grow personally (their leadership skills) and professionally (department sales and cost control best practices).

Who? 35 Deli/Bakery food service Department Managers

When? Annually

Next Meeting: October 9 and 10, 2019 in Kansas City



Professional Store Managers Leadership Forum

It is essential for the health of our industry that the position of store manager is a respected and desirous one. We need to attract the best talent to properly run our intricate operations. This Forum is designed to elevate the position by teaching and sharing store leadership best practices.

Who? 35 Store Managers from supermarket companies throughout North America

When? Annually

Next Meeting: December 4 and 5, 2019 in Virginia Beach, VA

*Members of this share group have trade area exclusivity.

**Two people from each company are invited to attend each session at no additional charge. 

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