Topping Sales

Topping Sales

How do they do it…and keep on doing it? Walgreens, Publix, Southwest, Costco – seems they never have bad (sales) news to report.

The common denominator among these perennial leaders is that they all have the enviable advantage of “owning” (at least) 5 Strategic Points of Difference that are solidly positioned atop the minds of their customers. This session will highlight each company’s 5 Strategic Points of Difference and demonstrate how they are used to “wow” their customers.

The goal of this seminar is to inspire the attendees to develop their own Strategic 5 Points of Difference and to give them the tools to do it in the days, months, and years ahead.

The target audience for this session includes senior retail managers, service merchandisers, and manufacturer’s representatives. Everyone will be entertained and enlightened by the retailing principles showcased in this seminar.

Length: 60 minutes – 2 hours