Harold Lloyd Presentations - Help Wanted

Help Wanted! Building the Team of Your Dreams

“Finding” good help has never been easy. With the short supply of employable candidates, the only viable alternative today is to “BUILD YOUR OWN.” Admittedly, ”BUILDING” is more involved than “BUYING” good help. But the good news is, “BUILDING” creates more associate loyalty and a stronger organization.

The skills needed for “BUILDING” a solid team must include:

  1. Presenting an inspiring, compelling ORIENTATION program.
  2. COMMUNICATING regularly with associates.
  3. Affecting behavior with a constructive DISCIPLINE process.
  4. RECOGNIZING above average performance.
  5. Setting challenging goals during PERFORMANCE REVIEWS.

Mastering these 5 skills will work to BUILD the team you have always dreamed of. This session is appropriate for all who manage others.

Length: 60 minutes – 3 hours